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December 28 2014

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In the name of Mars - I will Alphonse-Mucha you!

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Dress:  Innocent World Three Archangels Square Neck JSK in Navy
Blouse:  Innocent World
Tights:  Innocent World Three Archangels Tights in Navy
Shoes:  Innocent World
Hat:  Worlds End John Bull Hat in Royal Blue
Necklace:  Vivienne Westwood

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Always wanted a grab bag but didn’t like the idea of receiving the items you didn’t want? I have so many grab bags left from my personal collection I have decided to take pictures of each grab bag for you to choose from. So you can now choose which grab bag you’d like and know exactly what pieces you will receive. What do you think! This is cabochon grab bag #7 for only $25 (worth more than $50). Available now at mimipetit.etsy.com 🌸 ✨
#decoden #cabochon #cabochonsale

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No! Miracle Peace is inside of me! A little bit of her strong heart is inside of me!

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Pastel-ish outfit from a while ago with my skirt from SheInside ~

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